a tired dog is a happy dog.


The best advice any pet care professional or animal specialist will give you is that one of the key ingredients to a healthy, happy dog is lots of exercise. Your fur-baby doesn't want to hang out inside all day - they want to be outside to run and jump and play! 

Heather & Pooch provides experienced and professional care for your pup. Our philosophy is one of positive reinforcement, interaction and familiarity. Group walks help with dogs socialization, off-leash behaviour and on-leash walking skills.  We don't just walk your dog - we build a positive relationship with them. We strive to set the standard in providing individualized care and personal service in our neighbourhood. There's a good reason we're one of North Toronto's best dog walking services!

Because we make dogs happy. 



Heather & Pooch provides a professional service with a personal touch. You're not just a client - you're family to us!


Toronto has over 60 dog off-leash parks throughout the city, and some of the best ones are right here in the Lawrence Park area!


We are really proud of our big well-behaved furry family! Big and small, we walk them all - and every one of them is our favourite. 

what our clients say: